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Information for members of the public

To make your enquiry or a subject access request, please run through our helpful categories below, which will take you to the right information to help you.

National Hunter

How do I obtain my data from National Hunter?

UK Data Laws gives you the right of access to know what information an organisation holds about you. To obtain this, you need to send us a Subject Access Request

What data do we hold?

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on the data held in the National Hunter application data matching service.

Why is my data on National Hunter?

Data is submitted to National Hunter as part of our members' normal processing procedures.

Why isn't there any data for me on National Hunter

Not all financial institutions submit data to National Hunter, or it could be that you have not made any applications for credit in the past 12 months. Either way, this is not a cause for concern.

Can I dispute data held about me?

If you believe the information held is incorrect, we would advise you to contact the organisation you applied to.

Can N Hunter Ltd (NHL) change data?

NHL is not the data owner or the Controller of the data held within National Hunter. Only the member organisation submitting the data has the ability and authority to amend the data.

Is data used for any purpose other than fraud prevention?

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on the purposes for which data is held in National Hunter.

Obtaining Your Data

Does National Hunter hold details of PPI policies

We do not hold details of PPI, PCP, Hire Purchase policies or payments.

How do I obtain my data from National Hunter?

UK data protection laws give you the right of access to know what information a controller organisation holds about you. Where you choose to exercise this right, this is known as a "subject access request". Please note, NHL has agreed to assist its members with fulfilling subject access requests which relate to the personal data held within National Hunter. In order to obtain a copy of the personal data held in National Hunter, please submit a subject access request using our Subject Access Request Form and we will cooperate with the relevant member to ensure that your request is actioned and responded to appropriately. Alternatively, you can also submit your request via email to or via post to N Hunter Ltd, PO Box 4744, Stone, ST15 9FE.

How long does it take to process a [Data] Subject Access Request?

NHL and our members have up to one month from receipt to process your [Data] Subject Access Request or as otherwise provided by applicable data protection laws in the UK.

Identification Needed

Why do I need to send identification when submitting a Subject Access Request?

For identification purposes, we will require you to send us copies of your personal ID. This is done to protect you against impersonation, and fraudulent requests for your information.

Why does National Hunter sometimes ask for original identification?

If we are unsatisfied with the quality of the copy ID provided by you, we hold the right to request the original document. This is done to protect you against fraudulent requests for your information.

What identification is accepted?

The forms of ID that we accept are listed within our <a href="/subject-access-request/">Subject Access Request form</a>.

General Information

What is the difference between National Hunter and a credit reference agency?

National Hunter is solely concerned with preventing fraud. Unlike credit reference agencies, we do not hold any credit scoring records, credit histories, copies of County Court Judgements (CCJs) or electoral roll information.

Do debt collection agencies have access to National Hunter?

No. Debt collection agencies do not have access to National Hunter.

What is NHL's relationship with Experian?

Experian are one of our service providers. They process data on our members' behalf.

Why have I been directed to National Hunter?

You may have been directed to us if your application has been unsuccessful, and where the organisation concerned submits data to National Hunter. This does not necessarily mean that National Hunter data has contributed to that decision, but if you are in any doubt, you may want to check the information we hold about you by submitting a subject access request either to us directly, or to the relevant member to which you applied. If you still have an unanswered question, please get in touch

If you still have an unanswered question, please get in touch